The monolithic additions that make up Thomas Phifer and Partner's in addition to the private art foundation appear austere and isolated in the inclement weather. The pack of structures slowly reveal themselves upon approach, nestled in the landscape. Upon entering the relationship is inverted: the choreographed chaos of nature by now confined to glimpses allowed by a series of carefully calibrated apertures in the stoic volumes. The regularity and precision of rectilinear shapes stands in sharp contrast to PLP Landscape Architecture's design, but provides the perfect module from which to fashion the pavilions, each unique in its size and purpose-built to showcase the art housed within. Some of the art is site-specific, commissioned in conjunction with the new addition, but the entirety the addition is art-specific, a reaction to the art it accommodates.

Location: Potomac, Maryland

Architecture: Thomas Phifer and Partners

Landscape: PWP Landscape Architecture